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Compare the Florence Pass, FirenzeCard and other tourist cards

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Compare all tourist cards, FirenzeCard and city passes for Florence (Firenze); which tourist cards really save you money or save you huge waiting times?

Passes in Florence

Florence has a number of city passes and tourist cards. Some of these cards really save you money and, above all, a lot of unnecessary waiting times, such as the Florence Pass. We list the advantages and disadvantages of all discount cards for you, so that you can consider which discount card is most suitable for you.

1) Recommended: Uffizi + Accademia Pass

This is a really good pass if you want to visit Florence's two main museums. The Uffizi Museum and the Galleria dell'Accademia can have long queues. During the booking process you can reserve your desired dates and time slots. After payment you will receive your tickets by email or you can show them via smartphone. More info and bookings of the 'Uffizi + Accademia Pass'.

This city pass contains entrance tickets for the two major museums, namely:

2) The Florence Pass

This Florence Pass contains exactly the same tickets as the 'Uffizi + Accademia Pass' described above, but this city pass also contains a day ticket for the Hop on Hop off bus from Florence. During the booking process you can indicate which dates and time slots you want. After payment you will receive your tickets by email or you can show them via smartphone. More info and bookings of the Florence Pass.

This city pass contains the most important entrance tickets for Florence, namely:

  • Priority access Uffizi Museum
  • Priority access Galleria dell'Accademia
  • 24-hour ticket for the hop on hop off bus
  • Audio guide app for a Florence city walk
  • 10% discount on various attractions and excursions
  • All tickets are 100% digital
  • More info and reservations Florence Pass

3) FirenzeCard (Temporarily unavailable)

Tourist cards Florence

The FirenzeCard is an 85 euro city pass that allows you to visit numerous museums and palaces in Florence for 72 hours. This card is especially recommended if you want to visit a lot of cultural institutions and museums, because you save a lot of money because many small museums are included.

  • Advantage: No less than 60 museums are included.
  • Disadvantage: You will first need to collect the card at one of the collection points in Florence. You will also have to make reservations (by phone) per attraction for the larger museums such as the Uffizi, Galleria dell'Accademia and Palazzo Pitti. This makes the card much less user-friendly than the above-mentioned city passes with priority tickets for the major museums.
  • Conclusion: If you are staying in Florence for at least three days and want to visit a lot of museums and palaces, this card is certainly advantageous. For a shorter stay, the card entails a lot of unnecessary arrangements.

4) Separate entrance tickets

No city pass contains tickets to visit the dome of the Duomo, so you will always have to buy separate tickets for the Duomo. If you only want to visit a limited number of palaces and museums, it can be advantageous to only purchase individual tickets. We have put together the most important entrance tickets for you:

Florence Pass
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