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Transport in Florence

All info about public transport, buses and trains in Florence

Transport Florence

All information about buses, trams, trains, airport tranfers and other transport options in Florence (Firenze).

Transport in Florence

Although almost all attractions can be done on foot in Firenze, you can choose for public transport for attractions a bit further from to city center, such as the Piazzale Michelangelo. In Florence you can travel with the bus, tram or train. Of course you can also book tickets for the Hop-on Hop-off buses that take you through the city past all the tourist attractions. So when your feet hurt from all the walking, you always have other options.

1. Public buses

The cheapest option in Florence is to take a regional city bus from ATAF. You can buy tickets at the driver, at the station at an ATAF point or from the vending machines or in a tobacco shop in advance. Which tickets are the most beneficial for you depends on how often you want to use the bus in Florence. A single ticket costs around 1.20 € or when you buy a ticket on the bus 2.00 €. The city buses contain an extensive network, with which you can actually reach everything by bus. However, there is constant work in the city, such as the construction of the new tram lines quite recently, which means that your stop may be relocated. You can follow the stops via the electric sign in the bus and a voice calls out the stops. The C lines take you through the historic city center along the tourist attractions. Below you will find a link to the ATAF route planner:

Route planner ATAF

2. Tram

Since 2005, the Florentines have been building new tram lines through the city. The first line was commissioned in 2010 and runs from the station to Scandicci. The same tickets apply on the tram as on the city buses. There is also a machine at every tram stop where you can buy a ticket. You can take a bicycle with you on the tram, but then you have to get in the back of the tram. Different times also apply. From Monday to Saturday you can take a bicycle with you between five and seven and between ten and five, so absolutely not during peak hours. You can take your bike with you all day on Sundays.

3. Hop-on Hop-off buses

Every famous city has them: the tourist double-decker Hop-on Hop-off buses. These Hop-on Hop-off buses drive you from tourist attraction to the next point of interest, where you can get on and off wherever you want with a day ticket for a fixed price. There are two different routes you can choose from. Route A mainly goes along the sights in and around the center, while route B also visits the nice town of Fiesole (more info) at 10 kilometers from the center. You can purchase the Hop-on Hop-off tickets here at Getyourguide.com.. You can choose from a ticket for one day or two days. For a day ticket you pay around eighteen euros per person.

4. Trains from Santa Maria Novella

f you are planning a trip to other cities, it is best to do this by train. Dozens of trains depart every day from Santa Maria Novella, Florence's main train station, to various locations in the region. You can enter the trains of Trenitalia with a valid train ticket. You can validate at the stamping machines in front of the platforms. So keep in mind that buying a ticket for a specific route on that day is not enough. There must be a stamp on your train ticket or it will not be valid.

The high-speed trains

A number of high-speed lines also depart from Florence, such as the Italo and the Frecciabianca, Frecciarossa or Frecciargento. The high-speed lines have final destinations, such as Milan, Venice or even Rome are on the schedule. You can only use these trains if you have purchased a high-speed ticket (website Trenitalia). You can also purchase these tickets from the ticket machines. The higher prices and shorter travel times usually tell you whether you are dealing with a regional train or a high-speed train.

Transport in Firenze
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