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Top 25 Firenze sightseeing, best places to visit & what to do in Florence Italy

Florence tourist attractions

Florence sights Top 25, an overview of the main tourist attractions, activities, sightseeing, must see landmarks and best things to in Firenze, Italy. What are the top attractions in Florence Italy?

Top 25 Things to do in Florence - Attractions & Landmarks

What are the best things to do in Florence Italy? Florence city, or Firenze, is a great open-air museum for anyone who loves history and culture. It is a city in Italy full of interesting museums, squares, churches, statues and Renaissance art. Firenze has more to offer than just the famous landmarks and highlights such as the Ponte Vecchio, the Florence Duomo and the Palazzo Vecchio. During your stay in Florence, make sure to visit these top 25 of most beautiful Florence tourist attractions and landmarks to get a good impression of what this Renaissance city has to offer. Click on one of these must see attractions to learn more about these unique sights and places to visit in Florence Italy.

Uffizi Florence

1. Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery is located in the former palace next to the Palazzo Vecchio. It is the most famous museum and the Florence top attraction. It regularly sells out many days in advance. The Uffizi contains well-known works of art by Botticelli, Caravaggio and Titian, among others. Visit the art periods, which stretch from the Middle Ages to the modern era, and be enchanted by the splendor. More info 'Galleria degli Uffizi'.

📌 Important: Don't forget to book your tickets in time? The Uffizi is often sold out for a long time. Try to buy this priority ticket, or even better is the popular Florence Pass, with which you have the entrance tickets to the 3 top attractions of Florence in one purchase.

Duomo Florence Italy

2. Must See: Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore)

The Duomo of Florence is the must see landmark with which everyone associates Florence. Dominating the skyline, the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral has become a true landmark of the Firenze. You will find the Duomo di Firenze in Piazza del Duomo. Climb Brunelleschi's 115-meter dome (booking required) for stunning views of the city or climb up Giotto's 82-meter campanile. Enjoy the beautiful facade of the cathedral or visit the nearby Museo for the religious objects. Read more how to visit the 'Duomo of Florence'.

Palazzo Vecchio Firenze

3. Visit Palazzo Vecchio

For years the government of Florence took place in the Palazzo Vecchio. Even today the city council still resides here. Today, however, the palace has more of a function as a museum. It is known for the Hall of Five Hundred, a large space where you can admire famous frescoes. The cassette ceiling with paintings by Vasari is especially known. You can also enter the clock tower for a beautiful view of the city. More info 'Palazzo Vecchio'.

Ponte Vecchio

4. Ponte Vecchio, the famous bridge

The Ponte Vecchio is Florence's most famous bridge over the Arno and a must see on the list of 'Things to see in Florence Italy'. The bridge is best known for its shops, which are located on the bridge. Blacksmiths, tanners and butchers used to live here, but nowadays you will mainly encounter jewelers here. In the middle of the bridge you will find a bust of Cellini, who became famous as a metal smith. Around the statue you will find a fence, where couples in love hang a padlock to eternalize their love.

Accademia Gallery Florence

5. Accademia Gallery - Michelangelo's David

The Galleria dell’Accademia of Florence is an art school, where a large collection of sculptures is collected that served to inspire the students. In addition to famous statues, the Galleria also consists of a collection of works of art created by students of the Accademia, a large collection of paintings by Florentine artists, religious prints from the Middle Ages and Russian icons. The most famous statue in the Accademia Gallery is Michelangelo's original David.

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Florence tourist attractions

6. Sightseeing at Piazza della Signoria

The Piazza della Signoria is the most famous square and one of the most beautifuel places to visit in Florence Italy. You will find the famous Palazzo Vecchio with a copy of Michelangelo's David on the doorstep and the famous clock tower. You will also find a loggia with all kinds of statues, the most famous of which is the Perseus with the headless Medusa. The Neptune Fountain is also located on this square. The face of Cosimo de Medici is made in the sea god. You can also see Cosimo in the bronze equestrian statue in the square. More info 'Piazza della Signoria'.

Places to visit in Florence

7. Basilica Santa Croce

The Santa Croce was built to outperform the competing Santa Maria Novella. However, the Gothic basilica is best known for the famous Florentines, who are buried there, such as Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Vasari and Galileo Galilei. There is also a grave monument of Dante. Brunelleschi made the famous Capella di Pazzi in a Renaissance style.

Attractions Florence

8. Pitti Palace & Galleria Palatina

On the other side of the Arno is a second palace of the banking family: the Palazzo Pitti. This palace, taken over by the Medici after the Pittis could no longer pay for it, is now a museum with all kinds of art, from paintings to clothes. The Boboli Gardens, located directly behind the castle, are an attraction by itself with sculptures and the famous Grotta Grande. The Pitti Palace is connected to the Palazzo Vecchio by the Vasari corridor.

Giardini di Boboli Firenze

9. Places to visit: Boboli gardens

The Boboli gardens are located behind the Palazzo Pitti and can be called the most beautiful gardens in Florence. The Boboli gardens have served as inspiration for many well-known gardens from later times, such as the gardens at Versailles. You will find trees, fountains, statues, ponds and the 'Grotta Grande'. The Bardani Gardens at Villa Bardini are smaller than the Giardino Boboli, but are therefore less known and therefore quieter to visit. The garden park consists of three parts: the Baroque, English and horticultural part with the olive trees.

Piazzale Michelangelo

10. Piazzale Michelangelo - Viewpoint in Florence

For a perfect view of the city, visit Piazzale Michelangelo. Located on a hill, you have a 360 degree view of the Tuscan capital and the surrounding area. At the Piazzale you will also find a copy of Michelangelo's David and other replicas of the renowned sculptor. A loggia has been built behind the statue, where the architect Poggi actually wanted to exhibit every sculpture by Michelangelo. Now you will find at this place a restaurant where you can recover from the steep climb. More info Piazzale Michlangelo.

Florence Italy

11. Florence landmarks: San Miniato al Monte

Close to Piazzale Michelangelo there is a small Romanesque church on top of the hill. This is the Basilica di San Miniato al Monte, financed by the famous guild Arti di Calimala. Architect Michelozzo built the Capella del Crocefisso. Cardinal Iacopo di Lusitania is buried in the north side of the church. A student of Brunelleschi designed this chapel. In the crypt you will find relics of Saint Minias, after whom the church is named.

Florence sightseeing

12. Mercato Centrale (Food Halls)

For fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, pasta and fish you have to go to the covered Mercato Centrale. This large market hall offers you all kinds of fresh food in a pleasant market atmosphere. You can also enjoy cooked foods in the food hall, including Tuscan specialties such as porchetta. You will also find a number of cozy wine bars, where you can relax from the hustle and bustle on the market. Since the Mercato Centrale also sees many tourists these days, you can also buy souvenirs and clothes in the market hall.

📌 Are you a real food lover? Via this website you can book food tours, wine tastings and even Italian cooking classes.

Santa Maria Novella

13. Santa Maria Novella

The Basilica di Santa Maria Novella is a church from the thirteenth-fourteenth century in a Romanesque style. The façade dates from 1470 and is by Alberti. The church is known for Masaccio's fresco The Holy Trinity. In 1487, Lippi decorated the family chapel of the Strozzis, the Medici's main rivals, with frescoes depicting the life of John the Evangelist. The work clearly captures the religious and political climate of Florence in the fifteenth century.

Medici chapel

14. Medici Chapels

The Medici chapels can be found at the church of San Lorenzo, the parish church of the banking family. The chapels consist of three parts. Behind the entrance is a crypt containing the unknown members of the Medici's. The Cappella dei Principi is a large family mausoleum, which Cosimo I started to build in 1604. Here you will find six tombs of the Grand Dukes. In the New Sacristy designed by Michelangelo you will find the tombs of Giulano and Lorenzo de Medici. More info 'Cappelle Medicee'.

sightseeing Florence

15. Museum of San Marco

The National Museum of San Marco is housed in the former San Marco Monastery. You will now mainly find works by the gifted monk Fra Angelico; in the area, for which these works of art were also intended. Angelico painted Biblical visions in soft colors, which also feature the latest painting techniques of the time. You will also find paintings by Ghirlandaio and Michelozzo. The latter was responsible for the design of the library, in which you can find precious choir books .

florence things to do

16. Galileo Museum

This playful museum is dedicated to the scientist and astronomer Galileo Galilei. Born in Pisa, the Pisaan has spent most of his life in Florence. The contemporary museum is devoted to scientific topics illustrated with ancient scientific instruments. It is also a tribute to Galileo, whose life is central to the museum's exhibits. You can also see the scientific collections of families such as the Medicis and the Lorraine. More info 'Galileo Galilei Museum'

Sightseeing Florence

17. Day trips from Florence

From Florence there are several options for making day trips through Tuscany. Cities with great sights and landmarks such as Siena, Lucca and Pisa are at a reasonable distance from Firenze. Natural areas such as the Tuscan hills, the sea and the Chianti region are all reasonably accessible from the capital of Tuscany. Do not forget to pay attention to the smaller places, such as Monteriggioni, San Gimignano and also Fiesole at only 10 kilometers. You can even book this day trip to Cinque Terre. In this article you can read about the 10 best day trips in the area.

📌 Tip: Do you only have time for one day trip? Then I absolutely recommend this Tuscany day trip visiting the highlights of Pisa, Siena and Gimignano.

Bargello National Museum

18. Bargello National Museum

What to see in the Bargello Museum? The Museo Nazionale del Bargello is housed in a former Palazzo and is one of Florence's most important museums. It contains a collection of applied art and Renaissance sculptures. The building was first a town hall and later a prison, but reopened in 1865 as one of Italy's first national museums. The museum has three floors, of which the Michelangelo Room is the best known.

Activities Florence

19. Sightseeing saving tips

Are you visiting Florence Italy for a few days and planning to visit many sights and main attractions? Then the Florence Pass is ideal. The FirenzeCard can also be beneficial, but only if you want to visit a lot of museums. The admission prices in Florence are unfortunately very high or sometimes tickets at the box office have been sold out for a while. Are you particularly interested in the Uffizi Museum? Then the absolute must and the best ticket that you can buy is the combination ticket 'Uffizi - Pitti Palace - Boboli Gardens'.

Palazzo Medici-Riccardi

20. Palazzo Medici-Riccardi

The Palazzo Medici-Riccardi is the former city palace of the Medici's, where this family actually lived. In 1444 the palace was built for Cosimo de Medici the Elder by Michelozzo. It remained in the hands of the Medici family for a century, but after this the palace was sold to the Riccardi family with a number of beautiful rooms.

What to do in Florence

21. Florence sightseeing by bike

My favourite thing to do in Florence: the most convenient way to discover much of the Florence landmarks is by bicycle. Rent a bike yourself, or even better, go on this bike tour with a English-speaking guide along the sights of Florence. In one half day you will see many highlights and hear interesting stories about the history of Florence. Highly recommended!

📌 Attention: The tours are popular, so we recommend booking in advance (more info and booking of biketours).

Things to see in Florence

22. Fontana del Porcellino

The Porcellino fountain is one of the most famous fountains in Florence Italy. The fountain is based on a legend in which a young man would remain a boar forever if his true love shared his secret with the outside world. Hundreds of visitors pass by every year to stroke or kiss the boar's snout, assuming they would return to Florence. If you also want a dose of luck, throw a coin in one movement in the grid between the legs of the bronze boar

Highlights Florence

23. Piazza della Repubblica

What was once one of Florence's slums is now one of the most famous squares in the city. The piazza has a glorious history, but now you can marvel at the triumphal arch for Vittorio Emanuele, the colorful antique carousel and the Colonna dell’Abbondanza. You can also shop in chic shops, eat in cozy restaurants and stay in beautiful hotels. The Colonna dell’Abbondanza is the precise center of Florence and is therefore called the navel of Florence.

Florence highlights

24. Visit more churches in Florence

Florence is a city of many churches. For example, visit the Orsanmichele, a church located in the middle of the famous shopping street. Or visit the Santa Maria del Carmine with the beautiful frescoes of the Cappella Brancacci (photo). Or plan a visit to the Medici's parish church, the San Lorenzo Church. If you are a fan of beautiful frescoes then the Santissima Annunziata is for you with frescoes by Del Sarto. Read about the other Florence churches.

Museums Florence

25. More museums of 'Firenze'

Besides the Accademia, Uffizi and Bargello there are many other museums to visit in Florence Italy. The Palazzo Davanzati is a beautifully preserved medieval palace. The Leonardo da Vinci museum is an interactive museum, entirely dedicated to scientist and artist Leonardo da Vinci. Fashion lover? Then visit the Gucci Garden. This article provides an overview of all the other Florence museums.

Popular places to visit in Florence Italy

What more to do in Firenze? In addition to the above tourist attractions, you can undertake many fun Florence activities, sightseeing tours and excursions. In the city of Firenze full of culture, renaissance and beautiful palaces you will easily enjoy yourself for a few days. Some suggestions for things to do in Florence Italy:

More things to see in Tuscany: best day trips

Florence is located in the beautiful region of Tuscany, where you can find beautiful vineyards of the Chiantia region and numerous medieval villages. In addition, Florence is the ideal base for exploring beautiful cities such as Siena, Lucca and Pisa. Read more about the best day trips in the area and what to see around Florence Italy.

More excursions

Where are the sights in Firenze Italy?

FAQ Things to do in Florence - 25x sights and main attractions

What are the Top 10 sights in Florence?

Main attractions are the must see Duomo, Florence Cathedral, and the Uffizi Museum. Other places of interest include Palazzo Vecchio in Piazza della Signoria square, Pitti Palace with the Boboli Gardens, the Medici Chapels, the Galleria dell'Accademia, Piazzale Michelangelo and the Basilica di Santa Croce. In this article you can read all about the Top 25 Things to do in Florence.

Do I need to book tickets for the Uffizi Gallery?

This is highly recommended, the Uffizi museum is often sold out for a long time in high season or at other times you will have to queue for a long time. However, you can easily pre-arrange your tickets. More info about tickets for the Uffizi Gallery.

Can I visit the Duomo for free?

Visiting the interior of the Duomo of Florence is free. You do need to book tickets to climb the dome with a magnificent view, the adjacent museum and the baptistery. The Duomo is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Florence. More info about tickets for the Duomo di Firenze.

Where is Michelangelo's David?

Michelangelo's original David is now in the museum Accademia Gallery. However, you will find large replicas of the David at the Piazzale Michelangelo viewpoint and at the entrance of Palazzo Vecchio in the central square Piazza della Signoria.

Florence attractions
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